There are times where we feel lost in different situations. Some may be facing resistence in their career progression, some are having family problems and some are facing dilemma in making critical decisions. We always hope someone can give us some sense of direction or enlightenment to lower the risk of making wrong decisions. There are some common methods which had been practised for decades or even century. These methods consist such as, draw lots divinations, asking deities for advices through mediums and reading of fortune with eight characters.

Coin divination method is one of these methods which can be done to give you a better sense of direction. This method is very similar to drawing lots divination except that we are using coins instead of lots. There are a total of 32 combinations each advising us good or bad with certain advice.

We understand not all people can afford high consultation service fee. We decided not to charge any fee for this service as we would love to help as many as possible. It is up to individual customer to contribute into our donation box and any amount is deeply appreciated by us. 

magbo system