Singaporeans lifestyle has always busy and hectic. It has become a hassle for people to shop physically for what they need. People normally find it more difficult to shop for religious products as many of them has limited knowledge on these products.

In order to make things easier for our customers, we have various kimzua packages such as kimzua offerings to various deities, kimzua to be used to offer to ancestors and kimzua package to be used for special occasions. However, beside providing convenience to our customers, we will still like to share our knowledge with our customers so they know and understand what they are purchasing. We will provide information of each item which can be found under the item description. We sincerely hope all our customers understand what they have bought and be happy with what they get. On normal days, we also offer delivery services even to the doorstep of the temple or columbarium. This means you just need to order online, we will prepare and send it to you for your prayer! You will not have any worry about carrying big and small bags on the prayer day that normally inconvenienced you!

magbo system