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It is observed that many people are interested in these religious stuff but there is not much information provided to allow them in understanding what they buy or need to buy. It is purely by words of mouth from elders to juniors, one generation to another.  Here in our website, we would like to share with you on what we know. You may read up our content to understand more on the products, how to differentiate good joss items from the range of products and know what you have bought.

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Ang Yoon aims to be your one stop service centre for your religious practices. We also provide services other than joss items which will be of use to assist you whenever you need help. If you are interested to understand more, click here. Remember our distance is just a call away.

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Natural sandalwood; good for prayer and health

There are many types of josssticks and incense products in the market. Some are made to look auspicious and beautiful while some are naturally good. Many times people mistaken incense which smell very nice as good incense but actual fact is those nice smelling incense may not be natural. It may be the result of essence used to enhance the smell.

Incense made by natural sandalwood are highly recommended for prayer use. At the same time, it is also beneficial to us as sandalwood smell can calm and purify our mind.

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